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Keep all your shopping lists in sync via iCloud.... Start writing your shopping list on your iPad .. you will find it ready on your iPhone to be used.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

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A simple, elegant and intuitive UI that makes the user experience very pleasant.


Add, Edit, Delete and Update all the shopping list you want.


You can Add, Edit,Delete 
all the products that you want.

The application automatically saves the products while compiling the shopping list.


Do maintenance on your lists and add predefined product groups .. everything will be easier.



You can export your shopping list.


Progressive shopping within the list and progressive shopping directly into 'Shopping Lists'


3D Shorcut

Drag and drop - (iPad)

Drag the shopping list off the app directly from the main view


Dark and light theme.

Option of an independent choice for the theme.

Now you can choose which theme to use (clear - dark) regardless of the setting of your device.


This app works on iPhone and iPad and is optimized for both


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