simple Shopping List


For all those who wish to have an app that:

1) help them do the shopping

2) that it is efficient and intuitive to use

3) that it is complete.


Everyone thinks that the shopping list is a very simple thing to do, so easy that, having to go and buy only a few products, someone also avoids swolling and does not make the list.
Instead it is very important to prepare the list, even for a few things!

Things that developer feels important

  1. You will not have to subscribe to any subscription.
  2. No additional purchase in the app.
  3. The developer does not collect any data from this app.
Here read more about privacy


To make it even more functional go shopping, this app has been integrated with various capabilities and functions of iOS

Capabilities and functions


Keep all your shopping lists in sync via iCloud.... Start writing your shopping list on your iPad .. you will find it ready on your iPhone to be used.

Drag and drop

Export lists simply by dragging them ...

Dark and light theme.

Option of an independent choice for the theme.

Now you can choose which theme to use (clear - dark) regardless of the setting of your device.


A simple, elegant and intuitive UI that makes the user experience very pleasant.


This app works on iPhone and iPad and is optimized for both

3D Shorcut

Direct access from the icon to the main functions of the app


You can Add, Edit,Delete all the products that you want.

The application automatically saves the products while compiling the shopping list.


Add, Edit, Delete and Update all the shopping list you want.

Your cart

Progressive shopping within the list and progressive shopping directly into 'Shopping Lists'

Row menu actions

Interact with the application is very simple ..

Advanced tools

In addition to all the above find a series of lists dedicated to each generic food category already ready to use


You can export your shopping list.

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